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The Aesop Fables We Were Never Told:

The Tortoise, the Hare and the 401K (IRA)

HARE:  “Congratulations! You’ve been pre-approved for a $100,000 loan!”

TORTOISE: “Not so fast! What’s the interest rate and when would I need to repay the loan?”

HARE:  “Well, I don’t know right now what rate I’ll charge you because I don’t know how much money I might need then but I’ll know the very day you decide to retire and it just so happens that’s the day the loan is due. OK?”

TORTOISE:     “Uh…NO!”

But this is exactly what the IRS asks us to do with our retirement savings when it generously “defers your taxes” when you invest in a 401K or IRA!

Here's another Aesop Fable we never heard:

The Ant, the Grasshopper and Wall Street

ANT:  “I’d like to give you my life savings to invest.”

GRASSHOPPER:  “Great! I’d be happy to do that for you.”

ANT:  “Not so fast. What rate of return are you going to give me and how much risk is involved?”

GRASSHOPPER:  “Well, I don’t know how well my investment strategy will work and to be honest, I may end up losing all of your money, so is it OK if I tell you AFTER I know if my performance was good or bad? And oh, don’t forget about my fees. You’ll need to pay me my fees regardless of the outcome.”

ANT:  “Uh…NO!”

But this is exactly how Wall Street works.